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I may be the only person still hanging on to watching the ABC CMT show Nashville, well me and my mom (hi mom!), but I can’t help but think that this week’s events of Mayor Megan Barry would make a pretty fun way to spice up the flagging show. Barry resigned her political post over an affair with her former bodyguard (and paying him over time from government funds while he was socializing with her). Her next professional moves are unclear (she was sentenced to three years probation and to pay $11,000 in restitution to the government) but perhaps she should help Deacon run his struggling Highway 65 label. Tempers and passions could run high between Deacon and Megan, two flawed but beloved figures who can’t help but follow their hearts, sometimes into less-than-law-abiding situations.

If you are one of the few people still watching the show (i.e my mom), you might gripe that Nashville  already spent too much time mired in political story lines that seemed unrealistic. Remember, Rayna’s (the perfection that is Connie Britton) ex-husband Teddy? He won the mayoral race and went on to almost be assassinated by Rayna’s father and then get blackmailed by a prostitute he slept with and tried to pay her off with government money. He got caught, resigned his position, and is still in jail for an indeterminate amount of time. Even with all that manufactured drama, Teddy’s story line was still an unbelievable snoozefest.

Well, Megan Barry’s story is not only fact, but she’s got a tougher backbone than Teddy ever did, and he escaped death! Oh, and her approval rating before she resigned was way higher than his, and he was married once to one of the biggest stars in country music!

If I still haven’t sold you on this pitch, it’s got to be better with what the show is working with now: Juliette joining a Scientology-like cult, Maddie basically dating Bieber, and Scarlett working at a horse rehab place. None of those have to do with what the show always did best: country music. Why not give that political story line another go around? If you need even more drama to sell this pitch: Barry’s replacement, Vice Mayor Briley has an adorable teenage son, so maybe there can be a little warring family action when Deacon’s step-daughter Daphne takes a liking to him?

Here’s a sneak peak at my spec script for the upcoming episode of Nashville, working title: “Which Mayor’s Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?”



Nashville MAYOR MEGAN BARRY, perfect blonde highlights and head held high, addresses the eager CROWD.


Hello everybody, well my time today as your mayor concludes for this wonderful city and its great people…

Now former Mayor Berry continues on with a stiff upper lips while…


Former, former disgraced mayor TEDDY CONRAD watches a tiny TV, showing the conference, in his cell. He wears an orange jumpsuit and shower shoes made of maxi-pads.


(furious, ranting like a madman)

All I did was try to pay off a prostitute! I didn’t even officially embezzle government funds! All  did was try to… and yes lied about it..but still! She gets probation and I’m still in jail!? I’m the beloved, ex-husband of deceased country music legend Rayna Jaymes, dammit! Why do women with perfect hair have all the luck?!