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All words: Shannon Yazurlo
All photos
: Farrah Skeiky

The DC Rollergirls, an all female, amateur, flat-track roller derby league in Washington, DC can quite possibly be described as Bring it On for badasses.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the teamed double header against…another team that lost. The Bible, (better known as the now defunct Missbehave Magazine), published an article titled “I Was A Teenager Rollergirl” in their final issue which is much to blame for my intrigue with these all star females. So, my expectations for what I was about to experience Saturday afternoon were higher than Wiz Khalifa on 4/20.

IMG_3183 IMG_2767

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The Stadium Armory was packed with fans of all ages and flowing with positive energy creating a unique atmosphere I have yet to experience elsewhere in the city. The D.C. Rollerderby was the reason behind the bleachers being filled but that wasn’t the only thing that the rebels on wheels had to offer the crowd, upon entering the stadium their were a wide variety of vendors DIY crafters, used booksellers, and local bakers all spreading what they love to other D.C. Roller derby enthusiasts. The overall experience gets a gold star and two thumbs up in my book, a fun adventure for the whole family.

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