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Loud Boyz guitarist Rory Sheridan has polarizing taste. While I love his Spuds MacKenzie satin jacket and some bandmates love his Spuds MacKenzie satin jacket, his significant other does not. It’s such a polarizing article of clothing, it inspired our new series: My Partner Wants to Burn This.


After praising such a magnificent jacket, we asked Rory all the important information we needed on the clothing.

Why did you buy the jacket?

I believe this was a drunk purchase on Ebay (I shuffle between searching for vintage Redskins and Anheuser Busch gear).

When did you get it?


Why does your wife hate it?

She hates on the original party animal I guess?


Will you ever get rid of it to make her happy?

Absolutely not. I don’t want my friends to have to go Saving Silverman on me.

Are there any other articles of clothing you have she hates?

I have a similar Coors Lite Silver Bullet jacket she hates. I probably have more that she threw away when I was sleeping that I haven’t noticed yet…


Do you have a jacket your partner hates? A hat? A pair of Zumba pants? A tattoo? Reach out and let us know! We especially want to know if you have a tattoo your significant other despises.