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Outside of Vince Guaraldi’s Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack, I’ve never been one for holiday music. Despite trying to expand my horizons, my determination to have A Very Charo Christmas left me only with one glorious single: “Mamacita – Donde Esta Santa Claus?” fortunately, my search left me with the following albums which will fuel me through another alcohol soaked holiday season.

because nothing says xmas like a margarita!

because you are from jersey

because christmas is the season for indulgence

because I love toilet humor

because it sounds like the soundtrack to a david lynch movie

because your little brother is still in his awkward goth phase.

because despite what your boyfriend might say, presents CAN be punk rock.

porque tu abuelita tomora un chankla en a puta

because some nerdz will buy any crap that george lucas signs his name to

because who knows more about snow than a lohan?

because it’s a long meth-fueled drive home.

because 2012 is gonna be Bobby Brown’s year.

because the holidays are the hardest time of the year.

because I’d rather have 8 days of presents instead of just one a year.

because there is only so much Captain & Tennille that one can take