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The holidays can be a harrowing time for people who like music that doesn’t suck. There are so, so, SO many bad seasonal tunes out there, enough to drive a person insane. SO, in lieu of a useless chocolate advent calendar, I thought we could do a MUSICAL advent calendar leading up to 12.25 in which we give you one track per day that is either 1. very good, or 2. so bad that it becomes very good.

Welcome BACK, buddies! Seeing as it’s Monday, we’re back at it with three tunes to make up for the weekend radio silence. First up, here’s a real head bopper by Dressy Bessy!

Next up is a cutie by Bearkat that’ll keep your toes tappin’:

And FINALLY, we’ll slow things on down with a sway-worthy track from Buffalo Moon!

See you again tomorrow!