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Words by: Kim Burke (her first contribution as part of the Eat/Drink team)

Images by: Kimberly Cadena

While we may all love getting a quick pizza slice, it’s hard to imagine having that everyday for lunch.  The same goes for spending a few hours and the full price of a seated restaurant meal.  The team behind Muncheez Mania hopes to fill this niche in Georgetown, by offering a healthy, Lebanese-French-American menu at great prices, that workers can breeze in for during their lunch hour.

Muncheez-11 Muncheez-8

Tucked in a row house off M Street, the whole Muncheez experience is a feast for your eyes.  The space is a wash of bright colors, complete with hand-painted cityscape murals and UV lights.  Eccentric red barstools provide a place to nosh with the paper, or head to the back where lounge seating and tables-turned-ottomans can accommodate more friends.


At the sleek counter you can order both wraps and Thin Muncheez, flatbread sandwiches folded into traditional Middle Eastern saj.  This house made dough is flattened on cushions, then dramatically draped over a domed hot iron, much like an upside down wok.  The thin, crispy treats will be filled with unique combinations like the 3 cheese, featuring halloumi, mozzerella, and fontina, a brisket cheesesteak, or a more aromatic thyme option.  Salads and hummus are available for lighter fare, and if you need something delicious and fried, they’ll be offering french fries and falafel too.

The most enticing idea here has got to be the sliding window that opens to the street, where they’ll be serving crepes–neighbors are already likening their preparation to authentic French styles.  Only a handful of classic sweet recipes were chosen, such as a perfect Nutella and banana combo.  The best part is, this window, and the inside counter, will stay open until 4 AM on the weekends, providing light bites to the late night crowd.  Get excited, as they’re already looking to have more Muncheez locations pop up around the city.

Muncheez-10 Muncheez-9 Muncheez-12 Muncheez-7 Muncheez-1 Muncheez-2 Muncheez-3

Muncheez Mania is located at 1071 Wisconsin Avenue, NW in Washington, DC.  The grand opening will take place Thursday, October 21, where they will be offering free tastes to customers.  Normal business hours begin at 11:30 daily for lunch, closing at 10 PM weekdays, and 4 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.