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As everyone and their mother has been talking about the new Radiohead “Rainbow” album and the whole “pay what you want” concept (when I suggested we write something about it, Cale said: What can you write that has already not been written? Just google it.)
So while I obviously have nothing new to say about the record, I figured we can at least devote this weeks MP3 picks column to Thom and the boys. By them. About them. From them.
And yes, I know most of this is not new to some of you.


Available on the WWW for you right click on and snatch :

1. Arpeggi (Live and Otherwise)
Is it new, is it old? Is it live orchestra? Is it electronic samples? Ask as many questions as you want but

MP3 via I guess I’m floating

2.”Bodysnatchers” Live
A nice cut from one of their last year’s Madison Square Garden Shows

MP3 via Send me Dead Flowers

3.Black Swan
a source of some nasty internet (what other kind is there these days?) Oasis vs Thom Feuding.
MP3 via Music Slut

Now, while I was at Music Slut I stumbled upon the next song: I know, I’ve run this one before but I want to run it again. Because I can…

4.Radiohead, “Nobody Does It Better” (Carly Simon cover)
Thom Yorke presumably thinks this is the sexiest song ever written. (I swear I am not lying, I read it on the internets). And he does a stellar, stellar job with it. Because Thom can do no wrong.

MP3 via Music Slut

5.”No Suprises Please” early demo version
Because everyone loves a rarity. Yep, this is sort of Radiohead’s song “No Surprises” in demo form, but not really. The main difference is that the lyrics here are nearly 100% different than the eventual “OK Computer” version.

MP3 via Faronheit

and speaking of OK computer…it brings us to:

6.Stereogum’s OK Computer tribute
Everyone from Twilight sad to Mobius Band to Cold War Kids tackles some Radiohead as part of Stereogum’s 10 year celebration of OK Computer’s release. Results=mixed. Team effort=A+

Full album stream via Stereogum

and finally

Everything from Grizzly Bear to Talking Heads to Marvin Gaye, apparently.

MP3s via I guess I’m Floating

(and as a side Radiohead unrelated note, the new Britney video is out.And features a stripper pole.)