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American bands covering Icelandic singers, Anatolian Funk superstars and more.


1. Man Man “Hurly Burly”
Rabbit Habbits is out this Tuesday.
The blogs are already so happy they may as well pee themselves with joy over it.

mp3 here via You Ain’t No Picasso

2. Poni Hoax, “Paper Bride”
I remember Caitlin sending me some Poni Hoax a year or two a go, and I still think these French dandies are one of the coolest bands around.
I quote: The Paper Bride, with its feeling of gallantly approached pathos, and thrilling noir progression could have soundstracked Alain Delon as Le Samourai, stepping into that cool jazz nightclub for his final date. Nuff’ Said.

mp3 here via 20jfgreats

3. Ultcult, “Five Bedrooms and Two Lounges”
I have decided that from now on every MP3 picks of the week should involve at least one glockenspiel song and thankfully, London’s Ultcult provides a good one this week. They also look like they’re 15 but I am trying not to hold it against them. Too much.

mp3 here via Keep Hope Inside

4. This Is Ivy League, “The Richest Kids”
While the Vampire Weekend tidal wave is about to die down any second now, this slice of Simon and Garfunkel pop is still fun enough to bust out your seersucker to.
mp3 here via Obscure Sound

5. Ersen, “Sor Kendine”
Everone’s favorite ’70s Anatolian psych-funk superstar (and possibly the only 70s Anatolian psych-funk superstar), Ersen is back.
People should really play more non-English speaking dance music around here.

mp3 here via Gorilla vs. Bear

6. Liars “Army of Me” (Bjork Cover)
Say this with me now:

mp3 here via Pitchfork

7. Muslims “Nightlife”
Muslims are Stereogum’s band to watch this week, and I for one will be watching them closely.
They play the kind of loosey goosey catchy pop punk that has “this month’s Arctic Monkeys” written all over them, and there is nothing wrong with that.

mp3 here via Stereogum