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As far as perfect girls’ nights out go this spring, The Other Woman is pretty high on top of our list. Here is what we said in our SPRING/SUMMER FILM GUIDE:

Lets face it: comedies about cheating men (or women for that matter) are never THAT FUNNY, but this one comes with some rock solid insurance policies. For one, Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann play the girlfriend and wife who discover that their primary and secondary love interest is three timing them with Kate Upton. The man in question is embodied by Nicolas Coster-Waldau (as opposed to, say, ahem Adam Sandler) making all this a way more plausible scenario. And Nicholas Cassavetes, who brought us BOTH The Notebook AND Face/Off is directing. Hope you’re all in the mood for a deliciously bumpy ride. -Svetlana Legetic


The movie opens on April 25th but you get to see it TOMORROW (more than a week in advance) AND there is free Butterfly Kisses wine beforehand. True story.


  • Thursday, April 17th
  • Wine Tasting: 6:00pm
  • Screening: 7:00pm
  • Landmark E Street

*all screenings are first-come, first-served and we encourage early arrival.

Grab your passes, while they last here: http://l.gofobo.us/Tz0q8trS