Movie Ticket Giveaway: Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2
svetlana | Nov 12, 2012 | 10:00AM |

To quote our FALL/WINTER FILM GUIDE, the excitement we feel for Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 is mounting for all sorts of (right and wrong) reasons:

I am not going to lie: I have seen every single Twilight movie opening weekend (I have also not read a single Twilight book, which makes me sort of semi-not-pathetic, right? RIGHT?) Anyway, each one got somehow more and more ridiculous and slowly but surely managed to perfect somehow being a series that is both a beacon of purity (and uber-Christian indoctrination) as well as the very definition of teen-exploitation. So, the final one is bound to be the most ridiculous, right? There is a kid that is growing up way to fast, a Mother than can’t grow old, a grown werewolf in love with (destined to be with?) a 5 year old, and the name Rennesme is going to be uttered, with a straight face more than once. -Svetlana

The movie opens this Friday, but we do have some tickets to give away to the following preview screening:

  • Wednesday, November 14 at 7pm. @ Regal Majestic


Your Gofobo code is BYTVD0E

The code is programmed to allow you to download them from the website.

Below are instructions:

  • 1.      If you  haven’t already, you need to register on in order to download your passes
  • 2.      Utilizing your Gofobo Code (see above), you can then download your screening pass from the website.

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