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As I grow older and more jaded, thrillers are an especially hard movie genre for me to feel fully satisfied with. After all, most of the twists and turns tend to seem regurgitated from the past, and true tension is hard to achieve. Having said that, “THE DEBT”, which opens on August 31st looks truly promising. From the amazing cast (Helen Mirren, Tom Wilkinson, Jessica Chastain and Sam Worthington among others), to the set-up about a secret operation gone horribly wrong (or was it right?) some thirty years a go, to the palpable edge-of-your seat squirms visible even in the trailer, it looks like a complete, cerebral winner. Who would have thought that the man behind “Shakespeare in Love” would be responsible for it?


Well, we have 25 admit-two passes to give away to the screening on Thursday, August 18th at 7:30pm at AMC Georgetown, WITH THE ADDED BONUS of John Madden, the aforementioned director being around for the Q&A afterwards. This is pretty much a film-goers wet dream, if there ever was one.

TO ENTER TO WIN-leave us a comment telling us what your favorite thriller EVER is and we’ll notify the winners by 9am on Wednesday. Cool? COOL.