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Sleeping Beauty is the first movie I ever loved. My mom likes to embarrass me with stories about how I’d watch it day after day – this was around when I was four or five – and it got to the point that she made me a red cape and a sword so I could look just like Prince Philip, the film’s eventual hero. Revisiting Sleeping Beauty, I wonder why I wasn’t more disturbed by Maleficent, the film’s calculating villain. She’s more evil than typical Disney villains, the sort of woman who relishes the opportunity for psychological torture. The upcoming Disney film Maleficent looks like it’ll give the titular anti-hero the Wicked treatment, and I’m curious to see how sympathetic she seems. Angelina Jolie is perfect for this role, of course, and while the initial trailers are short on plot, there is the potential here to update our sympathy’s for Disney’s most malevolent character. Also, I cannot get that Lana Del Rey cover of “Once Upon a Dream” out of my head. –Alan Zilberman

MALEFICENT opens May 30th but you can see it BEFORE ANYONE ELSE AND FOR FREE at this screening tonight:

  • Wednesday, May 28
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  • 900 Ellsworth Dr., Silver Spring, MD

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