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As much as I hate to admit this in public but when “Garden State” came out-I loved it. Also, as much as I hate to admit to this in public but I have DVRed “How I Met Your Mother” every single Monday since the beginning of time. Now-combine these things: an angsty but heartfelt, big city dreams, comedy/drama, group of friends etc etc and you have Josh Radnor’s (who plays Ted on “How I met your mother”) directorial debut HAPPYTHANKYOUMOREPLEASE which, apparently did really well at Sundance, features a solid, young but capable (incl. Malin Ackerman, Kate Mara and my #1 new indie crush Pablo Schrieber) and has the tagline so earnest I am actually falling for it “Go get yourself loved”. Anyway, I’ll be the first in line to see this thing (and I’m admitting to it in public)


So-the movie opens next Friday (such a long ways away) BUT! we have 50 preview passes to give away to the screening @ E Street next Monday, March 28th (+some sweet music download cards and t-shirts) so you can see them before anyone else.

How do I get all of this, you ask? Well, the tickets are hardcopy so you have to swing by our BYT ALL CITY Happy hour tonight @ The Heights and pick up yours (we’ll be there 6pm to 9pm gorging on ginger calamari and drinking delicious and cheap kokonut kamikazes)