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From our SPRING/SUMMER MOVIE GUIDE (which you should be referencing all.the.time anyway)

Edge of Tomorrow (June 6)-For certain fans of playful, philosophical storytelling, the “setup and variation cycle” template finds its seed not in the great Groundhog Day, but in David Ives’ 12-minute playVariations on the Death of Trotsky. In it, the exiled Russian revolutionary — with his assassin’s mountain-climber’s ax comically buried in his skull the entire time — dies, over and over, while narratively stumbling toward an awareness of his situation. In related news, Tom Cruise (51 years old and still looking 100 percent natural in combat gear) will, on June 6, die over and over while battling an alien invasion of Earth. Through the use of a time loop, Cruise repeatedly resurrects in Edge of Tomorrow, coming back each time more experienced and more ready to kick ass. Like the exhilarating German film Run Lola RunEdge of Tomorrow incorporates the video game “respawn” concept (“You are dead. Now: what did you learn?”) into its very structure, and there may be no director better-suited to mixing the reset button with assault-weapon violence than Doug Liman. Of all the ripoffs of Pulp Fiction, his rave party-punk Go was the most fun. True, since then his action flicks have been rather uninspiring (Mr. & Mrs. SmithJumper), but with a concept like this, not to mention a costar like Emily Blunt, Liman’s movie is more than worth a try. And try, and try, and try… –Tristan Lejeune

The movie, as we mentioned opens on June 6th BUT you can see it tonight and for free before anyone else. SCREENING DETAILS:

  • Monday, June 2
  • 7:30 PM
  • Regal Majestic
  • 3D (fingers crossed for IMAX 3D)

grab your passes here (and don’t forget – these are always first come/first serve good tickets wise)

GoFoBo: http://l.gofobo.us/M7Azn4Vp