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Should CONAN THE BARBARIAN be remade? This (alongside the news of TOTAL RECALL getting a re-boot too) is the question on all of Arnold’s fans lips and well, next Friday when Jason Momoa’s pecs blaze into the movie theatres (in 3D NO LESS), you will get a chance to find out.

lets compare and contrast the original vs. new trailers, for sport:

Unless of course, you score one of the 100 free passes for the preview screening on Tuesday, August 16th  at 7:30pm at Regal Gallery Place, in which case you will get to pass your judgement before anyone else does. Below are instructions on the Gofobo system.

Your Gofobo code is: BYT6Y0G

The code is programmed to allow you members to download up to two admit-one passes from the www.Gofobo.com website.

Below are instructions for your winner:

1.      If you haven’t already, you need to register on Gofobo.com in order to download their passes.

2.      Utilizing your Gofobo Code (see above), you can then download your screening pass from the website.