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To quote our SPRING/SUMMER movie guide: If you’ve seen the trailer that’s already out, you know the basics of Cabin in the Woods: Take the standard scenario of supernatural forces terrorizing a bunch of teenagers in a titular cabin, and cross it with a good deal of high-tech bureaucratic malfeasance. The result is a full-on deconstruction of the horror movie genre, courtesy of producer/co-writer Joss Whedon and director and co-writer Drew Goddard. Once again, I’ll see anything that Whedon has had a significant creative hand in. Throw in Brad Whitford and Richard Jenkins as the two cynical working stiffs who also happen to personify Whedon’s hilariously dry and banal take on corporate evil run amok, and you’ve got a reason to go to the movies. Assuming the film stays true to its convictions, and doesn’t simply flirt with its gimmick before settling into the tried and true routes that modern horror movies have settled into, I suspect Cabin in the Woods will be a rewarding experience for any fan of the genre. – Jeff


Well, the movie comes out next FRIDAY (the 13th!), but we do have a bunch of passes to give away to the screening on MONDAY (tomorrow) @ at 7:30 pm at AMC Mazza Gallerie


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