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It is as hot as balls in DC. You and we and everyone we know knows it. I mean, it is hotter outside than at 1am at Fatback. So-we decided to do an extension to our Happy Hour Guide, as well as the more recent OUTDOOR DRINKING GUIDE in which our Eat/Drink team pick the most refreshing (and frozen) cocktails in DC (NOT LIMITING OURSELVES to Margaritas and the like)-now with a 2011 addendums. Hopefully, having one of these will make you feel as cool and wanted as Jessica Alba in those nauseatingly appealing summer Campari Ads




  • To honor Hemingway and to celebrate National Daiquiri Day Cuba Libre has created 31 daiquiris, featuring one each day during July (i will post the full schedule in the comments), including the Papa Doble to recognize Hemingway’s July 21st birthday and the Captain’s Daiquiri on National Daiquiri Day, July 19th.
  • “Beat the heat on H Street” has 8 H Street bars serving specified Tallboys for $2 any time the thermometer reads 95 degrees (not if it hits that temperature during the day, but if it’s that hot when they’re open):
  • Argonaut: Pabst Blue Ribbon
  • Jimmy Valentine’s Lonely Hearts Club: Pabst Blue Ribbon
  • Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar: Pabst Blue Ribbon & Colt 45
  • H St Country Club: Miller High Life
  • The Pug: Schlitz & Budweiser
  • Rock and Roll Hotel: Pabst Blue Ribbon
  • Red Palace: Konig Pils
  • Queen Vic: Konig Pils


  • Art and Soul’s sno-cone cocktails: they have the laurel park: strawberries, cucumber, Pimm’s with St-Germain and sparkling rosé.
  • H Street CC offers a non-sparkling version of this made by Gina. Haven’t had art and soul’s but I know strawberries + pimms = great. frozen can only make it more so. A&S doesn’t use sugary flavor syrups and lets the fruit steep in liquor which, technically, is illegal but who cares?
  • Estadio ‘s boozy slushies (Thanks Adam Bernbach!)
  • ps7 has the Bell’anguria: ice, watermelon, lillet, bourbon combined, made to be like a fla-vor-ice.
  • Alero: the matrimonio frozen margarita (strawberry + lime). Cheap ($4.99) and you can add further insult to injury with a $2 shot of chambord.


  • Round Robin Bar at the Willard serves DC’s original mint julep, which is just filled with crushed ice and served in a dark, cool room.
  • Ted’s Bulletin in Barrack’s Row has an old school soda counter that just happens to serve boozy milkshakes. A spiked Thai coffee milkshake sounds awesome right now.
  • The Swirl at Lauriol Plaza is not something I would normally go for. But at the weather gets hotter and hotter, I think I can make myself okay with sucking down a pitcher of swirled frozen regular and strawberry margaritas.
  • I don’t think there is anything better than a Dark and Stormy on a hot day. Dark rum, ginger beer, fresh lime – I’m done. I like drinking them at Cantina Marina, POV lounge at the W (the best in town-ed), and anywhere else I can find them.


  • My favorites are the frozen slushie alcohol drinks from both Little Miss Whiskeys (peach!) and 9:30 Club Back Bar (something blue and delicious). they’re both pretty cheap for the amount of alcohol they contain and pretty much guarantee a tipsy night.
  • The guava margaritas at H St. CC taste amazing, really unique and tangy. Probably my favorite margarita flavor ever.
  • Also (these women are a bit scary looking) National’s stadium has started selling these tall, approx 2 ft long frozen vodka drinks. Definitely keep you cool during the game.

This made me realize I don’t drink many frozen drinks. If only we had a Wet Willies…


Alex and Ellen already mentioned Ted Bulletins, Little Miss Whiskey’s and Lauriol Plaza (no shame in my swirl game for 8 years now) but here are some of my other personal refreshing favorites:

  • We HAVE TO start with Saint-Ex’s double icy threat of Champagne St-Germaine popsicles AND Cadillac Luxury Drop (made for a Don Julio competition) is introduced too: a beautiful rosemary grapefruit sorbet, floating in a habanero agave/tequila shot, with some rosemary infused Cointreau on top. Looks sweet and packs a surprising punch (like all the best things do).
  • The Frappes at  the Gibson are great: ask for something strong and pretty over crushed ice and watch Jon Harris work his magic.
  • Todd Thrasher’s Pina Coladas @ The Majestic will blow your mind: real coconut milk and fresh coconut water with pineapple juice and Cruzan rum
  • Over the last month I’ve grown quite fond of the pint sized margaritas @ El Centro DF as well as the mango mojitos @ The Source. Not too sweet, not too tangy-just perfect.
  • ps7’s Gnome’s Water is the single most refreshing glass of cocktail magic around. I’ve waxed lyrical about it before – so click here to get the scoop/recipe.

We’ll close out with this sweet and refreshingly hot video by Beautiful swimmers for Big Coast

Now tell us your favorites: