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Barely two days left of 2013, you guys. This year we published over 5300 stories (!!!!!!) and well, some came out on top, whether because you incessantly clicked on them or because our core staff loved them a little more deeply than others. So, without further beating around the proverbial internet bush, here is the top 13 stories traffic wise on BYT (both DC and NYC) and also the BEST-OF picks by the people who spend their days worrying about nothing else than what goes on this site.

From porn to straight edge icons, from brunches to binge netflix watching, from gay drama to pinterest porn, we have you all covered.

Lets dig in and feel free to let us know your favorites in the comments.


(from #13 to #1, because-ANTICIPATION!)

  • 13. TOP 12 HOTTEST WORKPLACES IN DC  – in March, our friends at Hinge released some interesting data about which, according to their millions of user ratings, are the most attractive workplaces in DC. Then, we got to be be highly speculative and meanspirited and ponder what makes these businesses employ so many beautiful people.


  • 12. FIRST LOOK: BLACK WHISKEY – In a year of amazing restaurant and bar openings, this is seemingly the one you cared the most to learn about in advance.



  • 10. TEN WAYS TO WOO AN OTTER THIS VALENTINE’S DAY – NSFW-ish – Not a bestiality article, we pinky swear. For our straight friends, otters are a highly sought-after subset of the gay community. Typically, they are thin-to-muscular with body hair and an optional beard. The BYGays broke it down for you how to get with one. A lot of you were very interested.




  • 7. BYT INTERVIEWS: IAN MACKAYE – a rare, in-depth sit down with music legend and DC hero. Great photos too, offering a look inside his home, Dischord and beyond. Bonus: a photo of Noam Chomsky with a banana. Basically everything you ever wanted in an interview.


  • 6. FREE OUTDOOR MOVIE GUIDE – You love your free outdoor movies. You really, really do.
  • 5. SILLY GAYS: A COMPLETE HISTORY OF STOLI VODKA AS TOLD BY GIFS – A lot of anger has been directed lately at Russian vodka due to Vladimir Putin’s horrible anti-gay laws. One group, led by sex columnist/guy-we’d-totally-sleep-with Dan Savage is even leading a #DumpStoli boycott of Stolichnaya vodka because it is Russian. Unfortunately, Savage and his friends couldn’t be more wrong about Stoli (which is not a Russian vodka). So, the BYGays are here to help set the record flamboyantly straight. (DISCLAIMER: we should point out that BYT has a wonderful working relationship with Diageo, which owns rival vodka brand Smirnoff and all it’s uber-delicious Smirnoff brands. So, we have no financial interest in this story, it just needed to be (HILARIOUSLY) told)


  • 8962306421_0ba34453da_z3. DC OUTDOOR DRINKING GUIDE – Although, you apparently cared a little more about drinking outdoors. Which is cool and ok and everything is better when weather is not shitty.


  • 2. THIS ONE TIME: MY AMATEUR PORN DATE WITH JAMES DEEN -our very own Jenn Tisdale responded to a tweet from James Deen about making a clip with him, then actually got selected to do it, then  DID IT, then wrote all about it. We treated it pretty casually at first (as we would) but then the internet WENT INSANE over it. Jezebel, Deadspin, The Daily Mail, XO Jane, Huffington Post and beyond all picked it up and Jenn ended up on the cover of City Paper as one of DC’s most interesting people. Which she definitely is. Sensationalist angles aside, the story is funny and pithy and candid without being TOO CANDID and full of quotables (“I arrive to my hotel, and basically start treating this as if I’m getting ready to go to the prom”). BONUS: The only porn related story published in 2013 ANYWHERE with a John Mulaney namedrop (and a John Mulaney twitter endorsement later on)

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 4.21.06 AM

  • 1. BRUNCH GUIDE 2013 –  We love brunch. We love you. So herewith, a combination of that love: the BYT approved list of perennial favorites, bottomless brunches (drink up), cool menus, parent approved locations, and more. Apparently you felt the love and loved it right back.


HONORABLE MENTIONS: you guys also really got into these posts: High Heels Race Photos, GO TOPLESS Day Photos, Old School Porn Interviews with Lily Labeau and Zoe Voss and Secret Spring DC Guide. In short: sex, drinking, and funnies sell. Thank you for clicking.

But, it was not all just that. We did do a bunch of stories we’re deeply proud of that maybe didn’t make the top 13 spots, and we think they’re worth your time VERY MUCH. Click through these too:









Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 5.06.47 AM


Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 5.27.09 AM




Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 5.00.17 AM

and that’s all we got you guys.  The floor is yours in the comment section to let us know your faves/what you maybe would like to see more of on BYT.