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We’ve teamed up with THFCTRY to highlight some incredible local musical talent, and below you’ll find a compendium of the past thirty days. BOOKMARK IT!

Despite being typically cliche, the past thirty days can be rounded up in gratitude and thanks to the artists persisting in providing in this time unlike any other. While we’ll see hundreds of year wrap-up lists in the coming days, those reviews will pale compared to other years because of the context they were created in. Which is why the persistence of the artists featured this month and all of the ones who are absent but creating nonetheless deserves several moments of acknowledgement. They’ve still been working overtime, which, to us, deems them especially essential. – @shogunsupreme

It can sometimes be a toss up when it comes to music releases in Q4, but the DMV has yet to disappoint. We’ve seen great follow through with artists and DJ’s alike in the form of sporadic seasonal mixes, surprise EP’s, and some very unexpected collaborations from local artists that serve as a cross-pollination of listenership. That said, though we’ve yet to round out the year, it’s important we do acknowledge the growth we’ve been able to witness from the budding music community despite the government enforced proximity restrictions and venue closings. The city is prepared to use music as a means of fighting back, an antidote if you will, to larger looming issues that surround us. Its refreshing to see how far we’ve come this year and exciting to find out what’s the next big thing or “brightest” thing for DMV music. – @mattjxsn

Featured Songs of the Month:

“Eden” Knyves Escobar

Knyves Escobar is a local talent with an artist ceiling that’s out of this world. She returned this month with an Audiomack exclusive single titled ‘Eden’ that showcases the indie-pop singers quality song making ability and desirable knack for enticing emotional transparency. We expect a huge 2021 for her & we’re sure her fans do too.

“Deywun” Uno Hype

Uno Hype’s streak continues as he and the Hardpink team continue to put forth top-tier quality sound and visuals. This time in the form of a new record nostalgically entitled “Deywun” featuring Rae Khalil over soulful jazzy production. Favorite Lyrics: “They cant stop your soul, its been here before”. 

“Why Do You” Micah

Micah is relatively new to our radar which is always refreshing while sifting through the emerging DMV scene. We first caught wind of Micah’s latest single ‘Why Do You’ produced by SoundCloud legend ESTA via a Soulection Radio and actually ran into him while listening to upcoming artist rooms on Clubhouse App. Definitely a brightspot from Bowie to keep an eye on.

Featured DJ Mix: “Baby Hair” Matt Talley

Enters “Baby Hair” a Soothing R&B tagged mix released on SoundCloud running just under 30 minutes to sum up some of our sweeter late autumn vibes. With over 2,500 plays in a few days it seems like it’s resonated with our thanksgiving holiday sentiments by offering a good blend of sonic familiarity, loops, and dinner table classics.

Featured Video: “PUSH” Nina Rivera

Nina Rivera is an artist that could be best described as a glamorous ensemble of cosmic energy and sonic electricity. In her new music video “PUSH” the lead single from her latest EP ‘OCEANS’ Nina uses a seductive trance-like magnetism to capture viewers within the chorus often romantically teasing them as the song lyrics would suggest. The video offers brilliant DIY creative direction from MD’s Jada Imani and Rivera herself, by way of houseplants, glitzy backdrops, and vintage filtering to offer a very satisfying visual to accompany her pre-existing allure. The video looks to be the first of many from the project and leaves the audience including ourselves wanting more.

Featured Project: NappyNappa’s ‘IFEELJUSTLYKTHEIRART’

NappyNappa’s ability to articulate the language of the DC’s artful spirituality is second to none and it’s evident more than ever in this new effort. This new 12-track outing by the Southeast story-teller is laced with the garage-like indie rap production we’ve heard from him in the past along with more deep experimental rap cuts like the Complex featured collaboration with Rahiem Supreme, another local rap force. The Bad Taste Records project clearly has garnered national acclaim that is well warranted and could be the boost into 2021 NappyNappa deserved after another great year of unique ever-developing sound.

Featured Artist of the Month: Dreamcastmoe

Dreamcastmoe is an all-in-one musician and a refreshing reminder of the true creative versatility of DC’s musical offering. After dropping a highly anticipated project with InRealLifeMusic back in October titled “Lamont EP” Dreamcastmoe could’ve simply just kicked his feet up and enjoyed its success (with his lead single topping over 300,000 plays on Spotify) however, less than even a month later we received a joint EP from him and fellow collaborator Shungu. Dreamcastmoe is also an acclaimed DJ on the international scene with frequent appearances on London’s NTS Radio juggernaut. We look forward to seeing what the DC mainstay has in store for us as we approach 2021.


Featured image via THFCTRY