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We’re back with another column breaking down the recent works of a funny person whose jokes I think you’ll like! It’s Funny Human of the Week and this week we’re talking about Monroe Martin. You may have seen Monroe on Last Comic Standing, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and/or Guy Code, among other things! He’s a super funny standup, let’s get right into it and watch him do standup! Here’s a clip from a set in New York’s Live @ The Apt, featuring a tale from a weird trip to the movies with a ladyfriend:

More standup! It’s time to learn more about Monroe’s family, in a clip appropriately titled Thief Mom & Prisoner Dad.

Monroe’s on Twitter and you can bet he’s got some good jokes over there. Here’s a few favs cherrypicked from his feed!

Let’s watch one more clip from his set from Live @ The Apt. In this one he gets into the delicate dance of first dates!

Before we part ways, let’s check out this longform interview Monroe did with In The House Podcast a few years back. They go deep into his backstory and comedic process! What a way to go out.