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Gay readers of Brightest Young Things typically maintain a subtle level of fabulousness. They’re more apt to be caught slinking into a booth at the DC9 than sauntering through the streets during D.C. pride. Most would prefer to be known first as hipsters, rather than as homosexuals.

This Saturday offers our gay readers a chance to to be who they are: gay

…really, really gay.

kristinaThe region’s leading female impersonators will gather at the Almas Temple (home of the equally flamboyant Shriner’s community) to cat-fight it out through song and dance for a chance to represent D.C. in the Miss Gay American Pageant in Memphis this October. 2004 winner Kristina Kelly describes the event as a “unique beauty pageant.” “It’s a night of magic and mystery,” says Kelly. If you can’t figure out what the mystery is, its “where girls aren’t always girls, and boys aren’t always boys.”

The drag community in D.C. is renowned for its skill and professionalism. Attendees can expect a pageant that mirrors mainstream beauty events, albeit with a bit more camp in the talent competition. In order to participate in the Miss Gay DC America Pageant, contestants were required to win preliminary pageants held throughout the metro area over the past year.

The Miss Gay DC America Pageant has an early 8:00pm start, which allows participants ample lead-time to head over to the Garutachi party at the Rock & Roll Hotel later on Saturday night. Tickets are $15 and still available for sale (although reserved tables are sold out).

Miss Gay DC America Pageant
The Sphinx Club at Almas Temple (1315 K Street, NW)
Saturday, June 2
Cocktails at 6:00pm – Pageant at 8:00pm
Tickets: $15

and see the winner head out to http://www.missgayamerica.com/