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Nothing says summer like soft serve. Close your eyes, take a lick and the delectably airy ice cream will transport you straight to the beach. Can you feel the boardwalk beneath your feet? Can you hear the waves crashing in the distance? Can you smell the sweet tang of caramel popcorn? Can you feel a seagull landing on your arm and stealing your cone?

Many of the best soft serve places in the DMV are an hour plus ride away, but that doesn’t mean you have to beg, borrow and steal to get your hands on this sweet treat. All you have to do is get on the Metro (or the Marc, more on that later). To finish your summer off the right way, here’s a mini guide of some of the most metro accessible soft serve spots in the city (and beyond).

(If we’re missing anything, please let us know in the comments. The more soft serve, the better.)

Milk Bar
Train Station: Metro Center, Dupont Circle, Waterfront

If you’re looking to substitute your sad work lunch with soft serve, Milk Bar is here to answer your prayers. Their locations in CityCenter, Logan Circle and the Wharf make it easy to swing by and grab a cup of the soft stuff, just as long as you’re willing to try out some unusual flavors. Options are limited (and you won’t find the classic chocolate and vanilla swirl here), but the famous cereal milk soft serve is worth it if you like your dessert with a savory, salty bite.


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Bon Matcha
Train Station: Farragut West

Like Milk Bar, Bon Matcha doesn’t dabble in classic soft serve, but their matcha soft serve just might win you over. You can get straight matcha, a vegan honeydew or a swirl of the two flavors. The golden rule with soft serve is to always get the swirl, so you know my recommendation. Also, they’re a block and a half from the metro, so you have no excuses.

Doi Moi
Train Station: U Street

Ducking through the crowds on 14th Street can be almost as hard as the high school seniors on the Ocean City boardwalk, but it’s all worth it for the soft serve. Doi Moi dishes out a variety of interesting and rotating flavors including gems like chocolate (made with oat milk) and strawberry Thai chili (also made with oat milk, they’re all made with oat milk).


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Sidekick Bakery
Train Station: Ballston

Ballston’s newest bakery has brought a helping of creative soft serve to Virginia! Opened by the folks who run D.C. favorite Ted’s Bulletin, Sidekick serves up “snowdays” that are made with vanilla (or oatmilk) soft serve and mix-ins. If you’re looking for something on the fruitier side, strawberry shortcake looks good, but there’s also a black sesame cookies & cream for the more adventurous.

Bmore Licks
Train Station: Penn Station

If you want the classic stuff, you’re going to have to put in the work. Head to Union Station, by a ticket for the Marc train and you’re only an hour (and some change) away from delicious soft serve. Just south of Patterson Park in Canton, Bmore Licks has enough soft serve options to keep you going year round. Go wild and get a flavor like Tootsie Roll or Fruity Pebbles or just stick with the classics. Either way you’re going to have a good time.


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