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Every day this week, Steve and Allan from Middle Distance Runner and a special DC musical guest are eating a region-specific hot dog from around the country, reviewing it, and comparing it to a professional wrestler. Middle Distance Runner is having a DC-only release show at the Black Cat this Saturday for their new, self-titled EP.

Day 3


The Dog: “The Sonora Dog”
The Venue: Street Vendors
The Region: Tuscon, Arizona
The Specs: A classic all-beef dog on a bolillo roll (if available, we used white rolls), with mesquite smoked bacon, pinto beans, freshly chopped tomatoes, fried onion, jalapeno sauce, shredded cheese, and mayonnaise, grilled over an open flame.
The Guest: Ron Soltes of Nunchucks



This intercontinental champion of a hotdog was like getting getting body-pressed and dropped face-first into a fiesta of flavor. My first bite was like biting into an aluminum nail, but that’s because Allan used nails to hold down the mesquite smoked bacon and I didn’t listen when he said to remove first, then enjoy. I skipped the first step of his instructions and went straight to enjoyment. The beans added a texture that is not common in hot dog condiments. It gave each bite more character than your run-of-the-mill, yet classic, mustard-&-ketchup-covered dog. Excitement (nail), flavor, and magic (beans, the magical fruit) all in one hot dog!



I was pumped for this one, and she didn’t disappoint. The biggest surprise to me was how the bacon flavor shot through without making the dog taste too porky. The well-done bacon added a smokiness that was complimented nicely by the tang of the mayo and the kick of the jalapeno sauce. Topped with the cool tomato and fried onion, this dog offered a huge variety of flavor AND texture. I had two and I only wanted more. Sadly, we were stupid enough to invite Ron from the Nunchucks and he ate what could have been my third and fourth dogs. What a fatso!



Have you ever laid on the ground and let flavor wash over you like the waves of Muscle Beach California? Fuck yeah. I had no idea what to expect from these hot dogs. I thought it was going to basically be a hot dog that fell into nachos, but NoooOOoooOo. The pinto beans, bacon and dog itself we’re a solid flavor combo. To top that off you have the sweetness of tomato and mayo popping up and slapping you out of nowhere. Also, the addition of the hot sauce has completely turned my hot dog-centric life around. I put it on any cased meat product now. Feel the ultimate power of the Sonora dog taking you to parts unknown!!!

Final Verdict


The Ultimate Warrior
All that color! All that excitement! He comes out swingin’, and when he’s done, you only want more!