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Miami Horror’s interesting mix of electro-dance music and good ol’ disco wooed the crowd of cute indie people, who turned out for their Saturday night show at U Street Music Hall. Truly, the audience was surprisingly enthusiastic for the early hour. Despite a few sound/tuning issues, (I heard the band missed their sound check,) Miami Horror’s set proved to be a short and sweet little dance party.

One of the highlights of the night was a remix of Grafton Primary’s “I Can Cook,” which I felt  could have been left to  play out a little longer, again this set was just a little too short in my opinion. “Don’t be on With Her,” and “I Look to You” were all untainted danceable fun.  The band’s performance of “Sometimes” unfortunately really suffered due to the tuning and sound issues, but I honestly don’t think the crowd noticed or cared, they kept dancing like champs.

The showstopper was “Summerfest 86’,” this song was pure rock, and if anyone had any doubts about Ben Plant’s decision to transform Miami Horror into a band, then they were surely allayed. This song was all power cords, drums, and guitar riffs, courtesy of Josh Moriarty, Aaron Shanahan, and Daniel Whitechurch.  Band required.

Over all, the set felt a little too short, and the sound just wasn’t what it could have been, but it was immensely entertaining to watch this Melbourne outfit rock out with disco exuberance. Their performance reflected the energy and effort so apparent in their recently released album Illumination. Congratulations to a band that seems to have avoided becoming a carbon-copy indie-rock dance outfit by incorporating real disco beats and carefully crafted pop hooks, rather than watered-down unfortunate DJ/Producer indie-dance fluff.