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Welcome back to another edition of MERCH PARTY – a monthly round-up that typically shouts out of all the best band merch comin’ to a venue near you, ’cause supporting your favorite artists in more ways than one is just part of bein’ a good fan! We’re still gonna do that right now, but with a little twist – we’re gonna shout out bands slingin’ some solid spooky merch just in time for Halloween, regardless of whether or not the homies have a show near us anytime soon. Got that? Let’s get into what’s good RIGHT NOW:

Phoebe Bridgers Tees, $20 each

I’ve definitely shouted these Phoebe Bridgers tees out in a previous Merch Party post, but that’s just a testament to how much I FLIPPIN’ LOVE THEM! I genuinely can’t decide if I like the ghost one or the bat one more, but at a reasonable $20 a pop, who even has to choose?! Homegirl will be rolling through NYC to play two sold out shows at Brooklyn Steel on November 6 + 7, so now might be the time to start cruisin’ FB and Craigslist in search of resale tickets should you find yourself in need.

Soko Socks, $19.99 each

Soko has some spook-tastic socks happening over at her merch store! I really love the bats, but would not be opposed to receiving a pair of the aliens or the zombie cats! No upcoming gigs (womp womp), but at least the socks will keep us warm.

Into It. Over It. Hoodie, $40

Speaking of things to keep us warm, it’s HOODIE SEASON! THANK GOD! And this one is pretty rad, if you ask me – skeleton arms ‘n a dagger provide the perfect level of sweatshirt spooks. No upcoming dates, blerg!

Big Ups Tote, $20

If you’re in need of a new reusable bag for all those decorative gourds you plan to cart around this fall, then Big Ups has a perfectly spooky solution for you! No upcoming gigs // apparently this is a trend.

Alice Glass Haunted Blood Tee, $35

Leave it to Alice Glass to bring the creepy apparel vibes, y’all! This tee feels very “DON’T FUCK WITH ME, GRANDMA!” No upcoming tour dates, so for the time being we’ll just have to summon her spirit via iTunes or whatever.