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REI Outessafest is comin’ up so fast, y’all! Happening over the course of two sessions, the first is taking place here in DC on September 29th, while the second will be held in North Carolina’s Shakori Hills on October 20th. In addition outdoor yoga, rock climbing and wilderness survival crash courses, both sessions have INCREDIBLE musical lineups! All acts on the bill are 100% female-fronted, and it just so happens that they’ve all got v. strong merch. LET’S TALK ABOUT FOUR OF MY FAVORITE THINGS!


Palehound Nail Polish, $7

I am OBSESSED with the fact that Palehound nail polish exists. Like, what even?! “Nailhound” by Palehound comes in two different colors – glitter pink and gold. At just $7 per 5oz bottle, why not grab both?

Lucy Dacus Fun Stuff Shirt, $25

No false advertising here – this “Fun Stuff” shirt is, indeed, THE MOST FUN! Reppin’ everything from popsicles to good old VA, it’s probably one of my favorite band T-shirts of all time.

Seratones Can Cooler, $5

Show your support for Louisiana’s Seratones AND simultaneously imbibe with this can cooler, you guys! We’ve got at least another month of summer, so you can certainly get some mega-mileage out of one of these.

PVRIS Candle, $30

I’m like, very into this recent trend of bands making their own candles, you guys. Maybe it’s because I turned thirty this year, and candles have all of a sudden become the center of my homebody universe? Whatever the case, I like the looks o’ this one A LOT.