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Welcome back to another edition of MERCH PARTY – a monthly round-up that typically shouts out of all the best band merch comin’ to a venue near you, ’cause supporting your favorite artists in more ways than one is just part of bein’ a good fan! We’re still gonna do that right now, but with a little twist – we’re gonna shout out bands slingin’ some solid festive merch just in time for the holidays, regardless of whether or not the homies have a show near us anytime soon. Got that? Let’s get into what’s good RIGHT NOW:

Haim Haimukkah Long Sleeve, $35

Is Hanukkah 2018 all wrapped up? Yes. Does that mean we shouldn’t still buy this amazing long sleeve? HECK NO! I would wear this year-round, and I’m not even Jewish! The best part is that part of the proceeds will go towards the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, so it would be a really nice thing if we could show some stylish support, y’all.

Haim Happy Haimidays Hoodie, $65

Look, I’m not gonna stop with Haim suggestions just yet, okay? Here’s a sweatshirt for everybody! (Mostly! Unless you are allergic to religiously rooted celebrations and/or furry animals!) A tad steep at $65, but it’s gonna keep you real warm, AND it’s gonna show everyone you love the shit outta Haim.

Jenny Lewis It’s Almost Christmas Mug, $9.99

This mug is a total steal at under $10! Think of all the warm, delicious beverages you can drink out of it this season! (Hint: MULLED WINE! Also other things, but MULLED WINE!) Ultra-festive, plus I automatically love anything to do with Jenny Lewis, so this is a home run in my book.

Jay Som Holiday Sweatshirt, $25

HOW GOOD IS THIS SWEATSHIRT?! Get in a nod to Bumble AND Jay Som with this guy, and stay toasty while you’re at it!

Tegan and Sara Snowpeople Holiday Sweater, $45

We’ll continue with some good ol’ gay fun with this v. seasonally appropriate sad snowman sweater! It actually looks more like a sweatshirt, but either way, long sleeves are CRITICAL this time of year. Slightly pricey at $45, but well worth it if you’re a Tegan and Sara fan!

Ariana Grande Christmas and Chill Onesie, $90

At $90, this one is even MORE off the charts re: kind of expensive, but I do think it’s important to have a good onesie this time of year, and this particular design is especially good for, you guessed it, CHRISTMAS AND CHILL. Also I just feel like we should be supporting Ariana Grande right now, you know? (Not that she’s like, poor or whatever, but SOLIDARITY AND STUFF.)

Sufjan Stevens Songs For Christmas 5-EP Vinyl Box Set, $65

Nobody, BUT NOBODY, loves Christmas as much as Sufjan fucking Stevens, so this vinyl box set of his holiday tunes is like, kind of the biggest must of all time if you’re into vinyl.

Little Mix Earmuffs, $25

And finally, okay, I know, I KNOW! These earmuffs aren’t SPECIFICALLY “holiday”, but growing up we always went ice skating around this time of year, and like, JUST LOOK AT THEM! I would literally never wear these but I love them so much anyway!