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Welcome back to another edition of MERCH PARTY – a weekly round-up of all the best band merch comin’ to a venue near you, ’cause supporting your favorite artists in more ways than one is just part of bein’ a good fan! Let’s get into what’s good RIGHT NOW:

August 29

Little Dragon @ Terminal 5

I can’t say I’ve hopped on the cassette revival bandwagon, mostly because I suffered through the agony that was fast-forwarding and rewinding tapes throughout most of my childhood and haven’t felt the need to go back to that dark, dark place. However, I might reconsider thanks to this super-adorable pink Nabuma Rubberband cassette, which is available for just $6 at Little Dragon’s online shop and (I would assume) merch table, which you should be able to swing by tonight at Terminal 5, Thursday at the Apollo (sold out), and/or MoMA Ps1 on Saturday if you’re in NYC!

August 30

High Waisted @ Sea (literally…on a boat…at sea)

High Waisted are one of NYC’s most party-friendly bands, and their merch is just as much of a good time! I’m a big fan of the Sick Sad Shirt for ultimate Daria throwback vibes, and bonus points on that styling job // EVERYONE LOVES PIZZA! They’ve also got a painfully adorable temporary tattoo available for just $1! I’m not sure if they’ll be carting all of this stuff onto the boat with them tomorrow night, but if you’re in NYC you should set sail with them regardless, because tunes + open bar = a very solid combination. And if you’re NOT in the area, and/or you prefer to listen to HW in dry land isolation, then be sure to check out their full online shop for plenty o’ great stuff.

August 31

The Aces @ Schubas

Although it’s sold out online, if you’re in Chicago to catch the live show, you just might be able to snag one of these guys at the merch table! Otherwise, bookmark the online store link and check back frequently for replenishments, ’cause it’s THE HECKA CUTEST TEE WE EVER DID SEE!