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Another week means another lineup of the best merch (and bands) coming your way. Let’s get into it:

August 22
The Shivas @ Empty Bottle
I love The Shivas, but I love a great tote bag even more. They are practical, cute, lightweight, and usually very durable. If you also love The Shivas and tote bags, these two great things have joined in holy matrimony to become one very useful and good looking piece of merch. For the first time ever, you can stock up at the grocery store without using a plastic bag and prove your devotion to The Shivas all in one garment. What a time to be alive. Swing by Empty Bottle to pick up one of these bad boys, or if you’re in NYC, hold off until August 26th when the band is at Alphaville!

August 23
A good band shirt must satisfy two points. First, it must be black. Second, it has to have a very cool graphic. As simple as these two qualities sound, they prove harder to come by every day. Thankfully, Sheer Mag’s “Nobody’s Baby” shirt checks these boxes AND is under $20. Basically, I don’t know why we don’t all own this shirt already, except for the fact that it’s sold out online. Fingers crossed you can find this shirt and other merch on their tour. (Sheer Mag will be in Chicago on September 15 and in Brooklyn on October 21.
Fall is just around the corner (THANKFULLY, says Megan, our heat intolerant NYC Editor), and that means we can all look forward to getting back on that seasonally appropriate beanie game! And let’s face it, this “BROKE WITH EXPENSIVE TASTE” design from Azealia Banks pretty much says it all. Grab one in a CD bundle for $35 online, or in person if you’re in the vicinity!
August 24
Whether you’re into ironic, almost vintage-y objects that remind you of your childhood or actually still really love Green Day, then BOY, does Green Day have something for you. It’s not a shirt, it’s not vinyl, it’s not a screen printed banner…it’s enamel pins! They’re actually really cute and feature the faces of Billie Joe, Tré Cool, and Mike Dirnt. You can bet ex-members (most recently, Jason White) are crying because they didn’t make the enamel pin cut. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the Chicago show, you can obtain them in a much less memorable way by ordering from the Green Day website.
August 25
Winter will be here in the blink of an eye, and everyone knows that winter in Chicago is basically just several months of frozen misery and chapped lips. Good thing Washed Out has tubes of coconut-flavored lip balm (with a cool floral print logo) to keep your lips moisturized and happy all winter long! If you have trouble keeping track of lip balms, or you always find yourself accidentally running them through the wash, you’re in luck; each one is only $1, meaning you can stock up on a budget. (NYC, you’ll have to wait until August 29 to trendily moisturize your mouth, and D.C. friends, hold out until August 31.)
August 26
Like band shirts, band crew necks are best if they are black. It is best to have a nice variety of merch to wear year round, so you can keep up your music lover image no matter the season. Greta Van Fleet is offering plain black t-shirts, crew necks, and zip up hoodies with their white name logo across the front of each. Pick up all three if you’re really into it, but the crew neck is an absolute staple in any wardrobe. (NYC, the band is coming to you August 24th, but it’s SOLD OUT! If you didn’t grab tickets, just take to ye olde interwebs.)
August 27
Patches are an underrated form of merch. They allow the owner to adorn any item of their choosing with a logo or image and they tend to cost the consumer much less than an item of clothing. This Lillie Mae patch feature’s the artist’s unforgettable eyes in a beautiful little patch. Whether you are a fan of Lillie Mae’s modern country music or not, this is a great looking patch that could be placed perfectly on a backpack, denim jacket, or other item. Chicago friends can pick this one up at Schubas on Sunday, but it’s available online for everyone else.
What shows/merch are YOU looking forward to this week? Let us know!