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Welcome back to another edition of MERCH PARTY – a weekly round-up of all the best band merch comin’ to a venue near you, ’cause supporting your favorite artists in more ways than one is just part of bein’ a good fan! Let’s get into what’s good RIGHT NOW:

November 15th

Bully @ 9:30 Club

Obviously you should go see Bully at 9:30 Club (NYC’s opportunity passed as of last night), but also probably grab one of these rad stickers from the merch table // they were designed by the inimitable Hellen Jo, and they rule p. hard:

November 16th

Alex Lahey @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Alex Lahey’s in NYC on Thursday, and will be making her way down to DC for an 11.19 show at DC9, but even if you can’t get to a gig, you should 100% peruse her online store, ’cause I’m kind of living for all of her merch. While I’d accept any/all of it as gifts, I’m SUPER into this tote bag, because HI, IT ME (and also a song off ILYLAB, but still, also ME):

Saint Motel @ Brooklyn Steel

‘Tis the season for socks, socks ‘n more socks, so it brings me great joy to feature these Saint Motel Diver socks, which I think are great for brightening up your feet during ye olde winter dreariness:

November 18th

American Football @ Howard Theatre

American Football’s in DC on the 18th, and then will be in NYC for a show at Brooklyn Steel on 11.19! All very exciting! But I am mostly excited about this shot glass from the online store, which is my entire weekend philosophy in one booze vessel: