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Thank Punxsutawney Phil for making you endure 6 more weeks of winter. Now that the allure of Christmas and New Years are well past their prime, you’re still stuck with cracking skin on your hands and less-than-exuberant enthusiasm for wearing anything other than a snuggie. We can fix those skin problems easily enough, and the same goes for your wardrobe. Squared-off knit ties keep the wintertime vibe going without the sadness of fleece. At least, body-consuming fleece.

Tipped cotton knit tie in estate blue – J. Crew

Jack Spade Joel Wool Tie – East Dane

Ivy Prepster Archibaki Snowflake Necktie – Bluefly

Chup Fairsnow Necktie – J. Crew

Cotton Knit Tie in Thin Stripe – J. Crew

Ivy Prepster Fairbanks Multi Stripe Knit Tie – Bluefly

Italian Silk Necktie – J. Crew

Samson Wool Dot Knit Tie – Club Monaco

Technobohemian Necktie – Farfetch

Barba Knitted Tie – Farfetch