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Photos By Franz Mahr

Summer is here. It’s time to dress appropriately. The kind folks at Trunk Club gave us some styling tips applicable to everyday fellas. They also dressed BYT writers Andrew Bucket and Marcus Dowling like upstanding citizens of the world.

Trunk Club_FRM-34

Trunk Club Summer Styling Tips

1. Printed Shorts don’t have to be all prep! Pair them with a henley like this one to bring this historically preppy look to street level. Perfect for an evening at the waterfront. A pushed up sleeve always looks effortlessly cool, so don’t pack away those henleys just yet- they still have a place in your summer wardrobe.

Trunk Club_FRM-27Trunk Club_FRM-26

2. News Flash! You should own at least one blazer, and it should fit you. It is rare to find a jacket that fits properly right off the rack. Find a tailor you like, and get comfortable with tailoring your nicer pieces. A lightweight linen blazer is a great investment, any additional tailoring will ensure that baby lasts.

Trunk Club_FRM-19

3. Mix it up with a suede version of your favorite loafer or lace up for Summer. They will pair with all of your fall looks anyway, and you’ll look like a guy who knows what he’s doing in the fashion department. Trunk Club says yes to this fashion trend!

Trunk Club_FRM-23Trunk Club_FRM-15

4. Accessorize to compliment, rather than perfectly match your outfit. A pop of pattern in your pocket square, a fun sock, or wearing two different tones of red in your shirt and your shoe. The goal is to tie it all together, without looking like you dressed yourself using a paint by number color guide.

Trunk Club_FRM-7Trunk Club_FRM-4

5. Ditch the backpack and invest in a quality leather or canvas bag. Jack Spade makes a great one!

Trunk Club_FRM-29


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