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This Memorial Day is the perfect time to try one of the 2017 RAMMY nominated brunch programs. A three day weekend means it’s socially acceptable to eat brunch on three consecutive days. It’s also the last weekend to participate in our Brunch Passport Challenge. Eat at four of the ten restaurants, vote for your favorite and you’ll be entered to win two tickets to the RAMMYS.

Make reservations now for the places that take reservations. Completely forget about this and remember you want brunch on Sunday and visit the few places that don’t take reservations. Regardless of your tendency to plan ahead, there’s a satisfying option below. These are ten of the best places to eat more than eggs and drink more than mimosas.

Cava Mezze

The Capitol Hill location is nominated for a RAMMY. We’ve enjoyed their all you can eat brunch since it began. We’ve also enjoyed their $.25 mimosas. Quarter mimosas.



We’re fans of Convivial and Head Chef Cedric Maupillier. It’s why we did a First Look and Taste Test and a What’s In Your Fridge. It came as no surprise when it was nominated for upscale brunch. When you’re ordering, remember what we pointed out in our original Taste Test: dishes are bigger than tapas but smaller than entrees at a steakhouse, they’re designed to be shared and big enough that everyone will get more than one bite.

Del Campo

Another restaurant we’ve loved from the start, Del Campo’s had us intrigued since 2013. We did a First Look, multiple Taste Tests, raved about their Limonada Sucia and, most important for the purposes of this brunch feature, wrote about their bottomless brunch. They still offer their bottomless brunch and you can still order the Limonada Sucia.

New Wave of Unique Bitters-11

DGS Delicatessen

When we recommended the DGS brunch special, we recommended choosing the entree and dessert option rather than the appetizer and entree option. We stand by that recommendation.


We visited Maketto for brunch last month. This is what we said about the buns: What’s the best part of a Maketto brunch? Buns, baby. And I’m not talking about a cute waiter (because that would be weird and uncomfortable). Unless you live under a rock, you have been to Maketto and sampled their famous leek buns. A dish that can be only be described as fluffy, cloud-like doughy softballs that are stuffed with a curry infused leek filling, served alongside a deep and dark hoisin sauce. Even though the buns are served at lunch and dinner too, they are the highlight of every meal at Maketto.

Marcel’s by Robert Wiedmaier

Earlier this month we visited Robert Wiedmaier’s new, largely seafood menu-driven restaurant Siren. It’ll most likely be nominated for some RAMMYS in 2018. You know what’s nominated for a RAMMY in 2017? Marcel’s.



Takoma Park is very cute. Republic is more than cute. The laid back atmosphere and large sandwiches are great for sharing. Go with someone cute.


The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm

The one RAMMY brunch nominee that isn’t in Metro accessible, The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm has been worth drive since opening. The following paragraph from our Taste Test of their brunch sums is up: The restaurant appears out of nowhere, in the middle of the stunning scenery of Lovettsville, Virginia. About an hour outside of D.C., the massive farm hosts a glass conservatory, gazebo, and open air tent where lucky patrons can enjoy lunch, brunch, or dinner. The menu is “earth to table” where every ingredient has been foraged by the dedicated chefs of the restaurant.

BDT (1 of 10)

Sixth Engine

We write quite a bit about beer. Sixth Engine is consistently brought up when we’re writing about beer. You know when you can drink good beer? Brunch. If you’re looking for a laid back brunch and value your beer options as much as your food, it’s difficult to do much better.

The Source by Wolfgang Puck

Winner of Chef of the Year at the 2016 RAMMYS? The Source by Wolfgang Puck Head Chef Scott Drewno. This year the restaurant is nominated for Upscale Brunch of the Year. Drewno recently left The Source and now the restaurant is handled by Executive Chef Russell Smith. If you’re looking for something new in a restaurant that wins awards, head to the Newseum.