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Nicolas Cage. You may know him as the protagonists of such classics as Raising Arizona, National Treasure and Wicker Man.

Maybe you’ve seen him on the cover of your Serbian biology textbook.

Maybe you’ve even seen a baby picture of the hot celeb.

But to many, Nicolas Cage is more than just an actor, or a textbook model, or a cute baby. Nicolas Cage is so, so much more on the Internet. Let’s take the journey to the center of the Nicolas Cage earth.

Debate-settling Nicolas Cage:

Cross-referencing face swap Nicolas Cage:

The First President of the United States of America, Nicolas Cage:

Smoldering advocate for reading Nicolas Cage:

…. Nicolas Cage:

Empathizing Nicolas Cage – Hilary lovechild:

Disney Princess Nicolas Cage:

more of this amazing royalty here

Disney Prince-ish Cage:

Cage, friend of the animals:

Nicolas Banana:

Tiny Face Cage:

Nightmare Cage:

Beyonce Cage:

Stiff upper lip Cage:

No upper lip Cage:

Romantic cupcake Cage:

Nicolas Ribcage:

Billy Corg-cage:

Joseph Ducreux Cage:

Rising sun Cage:

Nicolas Cat Cage:

See more of these feline beauties at http://nickcagecats.tumblr.com/

And lest we ever, ever forget:

That’s all we have time for from meme corner. Go ahead, play Nicolas Cage roulette. You know you want to. I’ll leave you with the perfect Mac and Windows wallpapers, and this:

And this: