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by BYT’s Oxford trained memeologist Marie Formica

It’s a fact*: One in a million dog owners who dress up their pet in embarrassing dog costumes will yield a perfect meme photo. Welcome to Lawyer Dog’s world.

*Not at all a fact

With his glasses thrown askew on a black legal tome, Lawyer Dog’s eyes give the impression of sincerity that clients expect when placing their private legal matters in this puppy’s paws. He melts every judge’s heart. This corgi was created for cruising the courts.

Planning on suing that son of a bitch who dug all the bones in the yard up? Looking for “damages” from the neighborhood cat’s scratches? Pressing for puppy support? Watch out. Lawyer dog will sniff out the inconsistencies in your case.

That’s right, he’s got his Juris Dogterate and he’s not afraid to use it.

He’s a better lawyer than many in his field:

But there are a few who still intimidate him:

The community loves Lawyer Dog, despite his legal shortcomings. He may not win the case but gosh darn it he痴 so cute.

Put those years of law school (or years of thinking about going law school) to good use. Make your own lawyer dog meme here and show off your meme in the comments.