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More Naughty Than Nice Male Revue Show

BYT has been to this show THREE TIMES and this Friday will be our FOURTH TIME in attendance. Seriously. Check out how much sassy fun we’ve had in the past. We’re feeling a bit generous (and naughty? LOL. pft.) so we’re giving away 10 tickets to Friday’s show (if you don’t win you can absolutely check them out Saturday night or just go both NIGHTS!).



Tinder Live! with Lane Moore

If you’re like WHAT THE HELL IS TINDER LIVE then check out our interview with Lane Moore, the comic behind the swipe out! If you are too tired to click here’s a brief/glorious description via Lane:

I go on my Tinder, live on screen in front of an audience, and go through the profiles while analyzing them. The audience votes whether or not I swipe left or right. Everything on the show is 100% improvised. I never know what’s gonna happen. I never know going into it who I’m going to run into or mess with. It’s a totally improvised free fall. 

Got it? Good. We have a pair of tickets to see Tinder Live! at The Lincoln Theatre on Valentine’s Day! It’s not just for couples so grab a friend for a sweet sweet Palentine’s Day celebration.

Obviously we have way more tix for the male revue (it’s not a strip show guys!) than we do for Tinder Live! so here’s how this is going to work. One lucky winner gets a pair for both shows! The other 8 tickets for the MORE NAUGHTY THAN NICE show will be divvied up the way I see fit. If 8 people enter they’re getting them! If I want to give away 4 pairs IT’S MY LIFE (thank you Bon Jovi). All you have to do to win is answer the following…What is your “dancing” stage name and why? Mine is just CARRIE and every time I perform a bucket of blood gets dumped on me. Sexy. Resist! Best answer(s) win. Good luck!