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Disclaimer: We’re not telling anyone to ever surprise someone with a pet. Obviously. We have never and will never do that.

We are back for a look at more adorable adoptable kitties at MCPAW Animal Shelter. Scroll down for some irresistible pictures and then get yourself over to MCPAW so you can take home one of these sweet cats. They make the best companions!


This Himalayan beauty came to the shelter earlier this month with three siblings. He and his siblings are shy and quiet, but are sure to open up with some TLC. Their fur is soft and gorgeous, and they will make a great addition to any home.


This rascal is cute and furry and perfect. He loves to play and be petted. He has a bold personality and will make the perfect partner in crime.


Ziggy has a relaxed personality, and he would be a great fit with someone who is looking for a low-key guy to chill out with.


Kelly’s half mustache is as charming as her personality. Sweet and small, she is just the cutest little girl.


This girl is pretty skittish, but it’s just because she is stuck in the shelter instead of being spoiled by a loving family. Come by and meet her and you may be able to get her to warm up to you!