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It’s been a bad week. Kitties will help.

Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center has a whole lot of new cats and kittens this summer that are available for adoption. If you need a loving companion who will be loyal, quiet, and friendly this is the place to go. Here are some recent residents of the animal shelter, but you should check out their website or visit the shelter in person to see which cats are currently available for adoption.

If you can’t make it to MCASAC, The Washington Animal Rescue League has 50% off dog and cat adoptions this Saturday and Sunday.

Finally, like always, BYT does not advocate adopting friends you are not able to care for. Now, onto the cuteness.

PERRY is simply too cute for words!


KOALAH is a gorgeous tuxedo who is sure to be your best looking feline friend.

Koalah, A410374 (2)Koalah, A410374 (3)

MISTY is a fluff ball who wants to curl up next to you.

Misty, A395598

SISSY will be your friend for life.

Sissy, A413397Sissy, A413397 (2)

LUCY has the best personality, she is friendly and easy-going and would fit in anywhere!

LENA is a sweet and charming little lady who loves to be petted and cuddled!

Lena, A412912

And Daisy is just a cutie pie.

Daisy, A412506Daisy, A412506 (2)Daisy, A412506 (3)