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all words: Matthew Hemerlein
all photos: Aineki Traverso

CocoRosie create music that is simultaneously dream-like and real, child-like and mature, classical yet modern, and I am unaware of any other musical group that sounds anything like them. This is simply because sisters Bianca(Coco) and Sierra(Rosie) Cassady have created their own specific musical double helix, assimilating a multitude of styles and personal experiences into an otherworldly live show that gave me( and everyone else) lots of goosebumps.

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I was lucky enough to experience the show from the bandstand, playing violin with them on five tunes last Tuesday night at The Black Cat and the entire experience was amazing.
Bianca and Sierra Cassady are two of the kindest most focused musicians I have ever met and it shows in the attention to detail to their live performance.They make use of an extensive soundcheck, personalized makeup, expressive & articulate costumes, live visual projection, as well as the eclectic and ultra-talented musicians they have surrounded themselves with.
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The instrumentation for the night was Gael on acoustic piano and synth, Mark on percussion, and TEZ on the human beatbox.
While each musician shined in their own right, TEZ was the only musician to have a solo segment during the show and he legitimately melted every pair of underwear and socks in the room. He is capable of making sounds that no longer feel like sonic frequencies but instead feel more like water or a magnet. Using his hands to illustrate his improvisation, he genuinely seemed like a robotic karate hip-hop wizard hurling balls of energy at the audience all done in perfect rhythm.
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As far as how I fit into the equation and why I was playing with CocoRosie? I simply asked as my final question in an email interview to play a song or two with them and sent a link of me playing and they said yes.I ran threw a couple of the tunes with them at soundcheck, and they gave me some vague guidelines and then we played the show. I am honored to have joined such a talented group of musicians and it is an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life.
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Make sure you check out their new Album “Grey Oceans” out now on Sub Pop Records. It was recorded in 5 countries and it has some real sonic gems on it, my favorites being “Hopscotch”, “Smoky Taboo”, and “Undertaker”.