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Marquis delivered a haymaker of a Thursday night knuckle sandwich for busters. I mean, I usually frequent this party to see the Triobelisk cut it up, but I this past Thursday was especially pact. The 1 year anniversary spectacular drew a crowd that apparently loves the cache of gimmick. I love the music, dancing, oh, and of course, Courtney (although I spared her from the camera).

Style in abundance. Big ups, congrats on the birthday…

08_5.29_Marquis@Napoleon-25 08_5.29_Marquis@Napoleon-40

08_5.29_Marquis@Napoleon-47 08_5.29_Marquis@Napoleon-29

Who invited the colonel? … vanity glasses rule.


08_5.29_Marquis@Napoleon-32 08_5.29_Marquis@Napoleon-11 08_5.29_Marquis@Napoleon-14

08_5.29_Marquis@Napoleon-36 08_5.29_Marquis@Napoleon-34 08_5.29_Marquis@Napoleon-12

DJ Triobelisk and co. getting nasty, makes you wanna wrinkle your nose and take your clothes off.


08_5.29_Marquis@Napoleon-48 08_5.29_Marquis@Napoleon-46

Pat makes me wanna barf too.

08_5.29_Marquis@Napoleon-13 08_5.29_Marquis@Napoleon-21


Kate Spade bags remind me of high school, but apparently she’s still got it.

08_5.29_Marquis@Napoleon-35 08_5.29_Marquis@Napoleon-8

08_5.29_Marquis@Napoleon-9 08_5.29_Marquis@Napoleon-42

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