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We first became aware of the space at 3401 K street back in April 2012 when it was the host to the Water Street art pop-up project. Over the last year, in different stages of rawness, Malmaison in Georgetown hosted some of our favorite dance parties, while wrapping up the necessary prep work to open as a multi-functioning restaurant/bar/venue it was intended to be. This is what some of those dance parties looked like:


and while they were definitely awesome (and will continue happening, including a BYT Hosted afterparty for UNSTILL LIFE feat. Caroline Polachek (CHAIRLIFT) DJing on July 11th!!!!!) it is great to see Malmaison open during the non-party hours this week too.


Owned by the Popal family (which also runs Napoleon, and Cafe Bonaparte) the new space continues their love all of all things Napoleonic: this addition to the family business is named after the first home Napoleon lived in with his wife Josephine. The inside is anything but a throwback to that time though-spreading over 4000 sq.ft, Malmaison is intended to evoke tender Meatpacking district memories in DC residents – with a daytime cafe, and a 50 seat dining experience in the evenings before those dance parties take the space over again.


The menu is overseen by Chef Gerard Pangaud, the youngest ever two-star Michelin honoree, who, as luck would have it, grew up on Malmaison street in Paris. The menu is classic french bistro with a twist: beet and seafood appetizers are followed by entrees like poached lobster and duck confit, and all of it can be finished off with a dessert selection by Pastry chef Serge Torres.

After dinner – grab one of the delicious sounding cocktails at the upstairs bar, then enjoy it next to the working fireplace and, of course, stick around for the dancing.


Malmaison will be open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday and with all these options morning to night, we can’t blame you if you want to move in.