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MakeOffices and BYT, name a better duo, we’ll wait.

On just Wednesday 5/16 we got back together with MakeOffices to launch their newest location – MakeOffices at Glover Park. Just like last time, we wanted to execute the most involved and engaging office launch party ever. So we created Pop-Up-Palooza and hosted over 40 vendors in the gorgeous new space. From food to fashion and everything pop-ular in between! While some where exploring the vendors and all they had to offer, we were also putting on panels throughout the day for young professionals to work on networking, pitching, social media and more!

A huge thank you to our vendors and partners who made this day happen: MakeOffices and the Poppir team for being our presenting partners! The exclusive art installations with Alysia Mackenzie, who made our sidewalk gorgeous and Lindsay Giffin who filled our room with flower art! Thanks Commonwealth Joe for waking us up in the morning with your nitro brew and Angelico Pizzeria for keeping us going. Thank you to all of our vendors Honeyflower, Kind bars, Ferguson’s Finest BBQ, Galley, Little Miss Whoopie, Rich bars (and MORE!) A big thank you to ALL of our panelists: Brian Leventhal of  District Winery, Otessa Ghadar of DC Web Fest, Cameron Heffernan of Mach Media, Stephen Kae of Fast Rope Labs, David Jack of GetWellNetwork, Morgan Fykes, Mona Lavinia of The Fit District, Diana Morales of Lust Local DC, and Greenheart Juice Shop, Elise Crawford of Kale and Chocolate,  and AJ Dronkers of Edible DC, Carl Maynard of Walk with Locals, Margot Pien of SoFar Sounds, Patrick Rife of Pixilated, John Victoria of Polianna and Derek Nickerson of Poppir! Finally thank you to our happy hour partners for helping us end on a fabulous note, Wide World of Wines, and Republic Restoratives!

Feeling left out? Don’t worry we got you covered (as usual)! We asked our panelist from The Art of the Pop-Up, Margot Pien of SoFar Sounds, Patrick Rife of Pixilated, John Victoria of Polianna and moderated by Derek Nickerson of Poppir, to tell us how to best disrupt the stream of normal events with a pop-up.

Nickerson: How can I get my name out there that is not gonna break the bank?

Rife: Instagram for example. Who is using their instagram right now? Then we are hacking that algorithm because people are coming and seeing what is happening in our streams right now.

Pien: I like the idea that some experiences cannot be replicated on a screen so a pop-up disrupts it, because we encourage people to be in the moment when they are at our events.

Victoria: There are beacons now that will send pop-up notifications to people who are in a distinct vicinity or region that disrupt the stream of regular information.

Panelists from our “The Art of the Pop-Up” Panel: Left to Right:

Moderater Derek Nickerson of Poppir,John Victoria of PoliannaPatrick Rife of Pixilated, and Margot Pien of SoFar Sounds

Art installation by Lindsay Giffin

FREE yoga class by Yoga District

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