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If you’ve been reading BYT for a while, you might be going, “WTF is Best Weekday Bets?” WELL, it is sort of like the Hit Lists, but all in one convenient place (like the Best Weekend Bets) so you can plan out your school nights with a more narrowed-down list of things to do! Each day will feature a top pick in the areas of 1. fitness (active), 2. comedy, 3. culture, 4. film, 5. food + drink, 6. free, 7. music and 8. staying in (because let’s face it, sometimes you just want to not leave your couch). And as usual, your weekend guide will be delivered bright ‘n early on Thursday morning!

For our first EWBB we’ve got everything from kendo classes to free vodka, so buckle up and get ready to have the TIME OF YOUR WEEKDAY LIFE! (Let’s also not forget a GIF theme, which I am executively deciding should be The End of the F***ing World since I am obsessed with it and will very shortly tell you that you should be, too.) HERE WE GO:

Monday, January 8

ACTIVE: It’s 2018, and just like everybody else on the planet, you might be thinking about making some changes to your overall fitness routine. (Or lack thereof.) You could join the standard yoga yawn fest, OR you could hit up the first of a set of beginner’s kendo classes at Sword Class NYC! It meets Mondays starting tonight and running through February 5th, and the whole package will run you $250, the price of which includes a uniform, a bokken and a shinai.

COMEDY: Tonight’s pick is an obvious one, because Judah Friedlander, Samantha Ruddy and others are posting up at UCB East for a new We Hope YOU Have Fun! Tickets are majorly affordable at just $9 each.

CULTURE: Spoonbill is putting on Poetry 99 at 99 Montrose Avenue tonight, and poets Monica Wendel, Francisco MárquezBrendan LorberWren HanksZefyr Lisowski, Kate Luzner, Uche Nduka and hosted by JC Hopkins are all on the lineup! Swing by from 7pm until 10pm.

FILM: If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out Lady Bird yet, 1. it is very good and you SHOULD take the time to see it, and 2. it’s screening for just $7 at Syndicated tonight, so take advantage of that wallet-friendly pricing!

FOOD + DRINK: Is 2018 the year you finally decide to get woke about wine? Corkbuzz is having a class about French wines for $80, which is like, admittedly a little pricey, but you cannot put a price tag on knowledge! (Or the satisfaction you’ll get whipping out official terminology in front of your less sophisticated friends!)

FREE: Sunnyvale is starting the year right w/ a FREE Motion Studies residency! If you can scrounge up $3-$5, they’ve got PBR and PBR + shot specials before 9pm, otherwise just get ready to dance your face off for zero dollars!

MUSIC: Elsewhere’s got my vote for live tunes tonight, ’cause the inimitable Soren Bryce is in town to play a show! (Tickets will run you a very reasonable $12 a pop, which is exactly what my post-holiday broke ass likes to hear.) Tide yourself over until the gig by watching the official video for “Cellophane” on repeat!

STAY IN: It’s cold as hell out, so I don’t blame you if you’re trying to hibernate this evening instead of painting the town red. If the couch is your chosen spot, put on The End of the F***ing World (that new British Netflix show about a heartwarmingly murdery teenage love story), because I binged it this weekend and IT IS DELIGHTFUL!


ACTIVE: Okay, I know I threw shade at yoga yesterday, but tonight is totally different, because there is DRUNK yoga happening at Drexler’s. $35 for an hour of yoga and unlimited wine. (I could think of worse ways to spend a Tuesday night.)

COMEDY: My pick for LOLs tonight is interestingly happening at Baby’s All Right, which isn’t exactly the first place one would think of for comedy shows, BUT, The Roast of Your Fifteen Year Old Self is taking over this evening – if hanging out with Marcia Belsky, Akilah Hughes, Dylan Marron and more sounds like a good time to you (it does to me), scrounge up $10 to grab yourself a ticket!

CULTURE: Head to Cooler Gallery in Brooklyn tonight for the opening of Meg Atkinson’s Skin in the Game! Her work typically comments on culture, politics and beauty, and are driven by a love of color.

FILM: It’s the January edition of Iron Mule (the short comedy film series) over at Alamo Drafthouse! The program is ninety minutes in total, will feature seven different shorts, and is $12 per person.

FOOD + DRINK: If you’re a fan of Jewish food, tonight is YOUR NIGHT! YIVO Institute for Jewish Research is hosting Michael Wex, who’ll be discussing his book Rhapsody in Schmaltz; following the talk, there’ll be a light reception ft. a spread of favorite Jewish dishes. Tickets are $20!

FREE: No money? YOU’RE IN LUCK, because it’s a new round of Secret Science Club over at the Bell House ft. special guest Frank T. Burbrink, who’s a biologist, snake-ologist AND explorer. Go forth and learn all of the things!

MUSIC: 100% hit up the Knitting Factory to catch Verdigrls (who we recently interviewed) tonight, and get there early for opening sets by Den-Mate, Sur Back and Rich Girls! Tickets are just $10 // grab ’em here.

STAY IN: If you didn’t get hooked on my suggestion The End of the F***ing World last night (or you DID get hooked and binged the whole thing), take Dark (also on Netflix) for a test-drive – I wrote about it in detail here, but TLDR it’s like if Stranger Things and The Returned had a German baby. It is the best.

Wednesday, January 10

ACTIVE: My personal feeling is that one should only run if being chased, but I realize that some of you genuinely enjoy it as a way to exercise, so I’ll use this opportunity to say that New York Running Company is kicking off 2018 with an evening run through Central Park tonight! Looks like a lot of people are planning to turn out, so could be a fun, less-terrifying way to scope out CP at nighttime while still getting your running fix.

COMEDY: It’s all about Battle of the Divas at Union Hall tonight, ’cause it’s Janet Jackson vs. Jennifer Lopez and WHO DOESN’T WANT TO WATCH THAT DEBATE UNFOLD?! Featured lineup includes Matteo Lane, Christi Chiello, Molly Austin, Sydnee Washington and Rob Haze, and tickets will set you back just $8-$10 each.

CULTURE: On the second anniversary of his death, head to Queens Library for Watch That Man: Celebrating the Life and Legacy of David Bowie. They’ll screen Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, and there will be a Q+A w/ Tony Zanetta and Suzi Ronson.

FILM: Film tonight is a no-brainer – Moving Image will be screening When We Were Kings, and Leon Gast will be there in-person. $15 a ticket!

FOOD + DRINK: Want to sneak away from your desk for a bit midday in the name of food and higher learning? Brooklyn Kitchen is doing a Lunch Break! class from noon until 1pm, and it’ll be a power course during which you’ll make a main and a side, plus they’ll send you back to the office with some dessert. Tickets are $20 a pop.

FREE: GURL. You are in LUCK tonight – Videology is hosting a free advance screening of The Road, which is great in and of itself, but the best part is that all attendees will get a bonus free shot of vodka just for turning out! NOT BAD!

MUSIC: Tonight The Wombats are headlining Brooklyn Steel w/ support from Courtship., so if you happen to have a spare $25 burning a hole in your pocket, then grab tickets to the gig before they’re all SOLD OUT! In the meantime, check out some exclusive photos the guys shared with us in October from inside ye olde studio!

STAY IN: In the event you’re STILL looking for Netflix suggestions, I’ve got yet another foreign pick for you that hails from good old Spain! It’s called La Casa De Papel, and it’s a highly addictive fictional account of a ragtag group of criminals who are working together to try to pull of the biggest heist in history – one that involves taking the Factory of Moneda and Timbre hostage and printing their own money to steal. Never have I wanted the “bad guys” to win so much!

Thursday, January 11

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