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Uhhh, ok so I’ll admit, I have no idea what inspired this adventure. There were probably a lot better dance parties going on, but sometimes I just have to do something different. Originally, I had intended to go to RNR on Saturday night, but somehow the cosmic forces aligned against NE… however, I did capture this gem of a little party on Euclid Street. Kiddie pool wrestling and Buzz Lightyear galore…

DF08_6.07_LunarParty@Amandas-27 DF08_6.07_LunarParty@Amandas-7





Big ups to my partner in crime Lacey, she had this to share about Saturday night:

“Once upon a Saturday night in a galaxy far far away, Buzz Lightyear was hanging out at his house, drinking a beer, when he became a little lonely for his friend Woody back on planet Earth. He decided to grab a beer for the road and hop in his spaceship. Slightly tipsy, he got turned around somewhere near Saturn and ended up making a crash landing in a front yard in Adams Morgan. A little dazed, he got out of his spaceship, glanced around, and attempted to get his bearings. He saw a bunch of people entering the front door and realized that he had landed at a house party. Never one to turn down a good party, Buzz decided to join in the fun. Upon entering the house, he saw people wearing sunglasses and sparkly gold bikinis and speedos, dancing to music while a strobe light pulsated in the corner. Buzz was a little self conscious about his lack of party attire, and so when he spotted a spare pair of sunglasses on a table, he decided to put them on. They had some strange slats in them instead of lens, and he vaguely remembered seeing some rapper on MTV wearing something similar. Satisfied with his new hip look, he headed over to the keg to get a beer. As is always the case, he ended up pouring everyone else’s beers, but Buzz didn’t mind, because it gave him a chance to make some new friends.”

DF08_6.07_LunarParty@Amandas-29 DF08_6.07_LunarParty@Amandas-24

DF08_6.07_LunarParty@Amandas-21 DF08_6.07_LunarParty@Amandas-34






DF08_6.07_LunarParty@Amandas-22 DF08_6.07_LunarParty@Amandas-11 DF08_6.07_LunarParty@Amandas-28

DF08_6.07_LunarParty@Amandas-14 DF08_6.07_LunarParty@Amandas-9 DF08_6.07_LunarParty@Amandas-4

DF08_6.07_LunarParty@Amandas-17 DF08_6.07_LunarParty@Amandas-30 DF08_6.07_LunarParty@Amandas-7

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