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Feeling a little BLUE? We can’t blame you.

Thankfully, for a mini mental escape, we have some exciting news: our friends at ARTECHOUSE keep pushing the limits of the at-home art experiences with online exhibition #ExplorationsofBlue, inspired by this past winter’s Submerge installation in collaboration with Pantone, celebrating their #coloroftheyear #ClassicBlue.

Explorations of Bue is meant to have the same calming effect: unlocking your digital creativity and transporting you place of serenity. The interactive application transforms clicks and silhouettes into a swirling, spiraling masterpiece. Music from music from Mexico-based @paperworks  a.k.a. Eduardo Montero adds a layer to the experience.

“ARTECHOUSE projects are always meant to have a transportive quality”, says Tatiana Pashtukova, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, “We’ve always loved hearing stories from people who shared with us what a difference our exhibitions have made to them emotionally and mentally, about children with autism who showed a whole new level of engagement when surrounded by our interactive installations, about the sense of calm projects like Submerge brought to busy urban dwellers. We hope that now, digitally, we can bring some of that into our audience’s homes”

Launch your Explorations of Blue at: artechouse.com/exploration-of-blue

BONUS: Even the ARTECHOUSE mobile app is more engaging than ever with new features that bring the world of augmented reality to your home. Users can now explore different activations, once only available on-site at ARTECHOUSE locations, on their phone and bring our most popular installations to life at home. A built in camera allows for the new images to be taken right from the app and shared with family and friends. The app is available for free in the Apple App Store and GooglePlay.

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