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Photos By James Jackson

What is Stylisted? It’s an app/website that will deliver a makeup artist or hair stylist or both, to your house or (if you can get away with it/sneakily book a conference room) your office!  Of course, my co-worker Kaylee and I had to try it out. So the other day, even though we had nothing more exciting to do than go to the grocery store, we had a makeup artist and hair stylist transform us from Monday morning goblins to TURNING ALL THE HEADS IN THE DELI SECTION seductresses. Here’s how it went down:

THE BEFORE: Our stylists Aly (makeup) and Lisa (hair) showed up on time and brought everything we’d need for the transformation (no using your CVS curler! They have pro tools!).
byt thestylisted-007
byt thestylisted-047
THE MAKEUP: This was the part that took the longest (just FYI if you schedule a makeup session), which makes sense because we needed ALL THE MAKEUP to transform us from gollum to glam. Aly asked what kind of look we were going for and jumped right in.
byt thestylisted-221
byt thestylisted-434
THE HAIR: I can’t speak to all of their hair stylists, but Lisa was so awesome it took all my personal restraint, and also the knowledge that kidnap is frowned upon in polite society, to not just try and keep her around FOREVER. Why? She was super quick, both Kaylee and I’s hair combined took about a half hour, but also my hair looked fantastic. Not only did I get compliments from strangers all day long (thanks for the validation random humans!), but it still looks just as great today, despite me sleeping on it and not even going anywhere near it with a brush. It’s also important to note that Lisa is a very legit hair stylist- she just did the hair for the Washington Post Magazine’s Style Issue, so she’s not just a pro.. she’s a PRO PRO.
byt thestylisted-325
byt thestylisted-594
THE FINAL PRODUCT: At this point our entire co-working space had started wondering what was going on and coming to look at us, NBD just some random makeovers happening in the conference room! Nothing to see here! In all seriousness, I loved both my hair and makeup and it looked GREAT in photos (which is really what we want anyways right?). There’s something to be said about having a trained professional help you get ready, and the results LOOKED professional (and somehow very 90’s but I digress).
byt thestylisted-585
byt thestylisted-625

club going up! On a Monday

BOTTOM LINE: I am kicking myself for not scheduling this on a day where I actually had somewhere to go after work. I know what you’re thinking- HOW MUCH DOES THIS COST?  So each stylist has their own price list (listed on their page) but it seems to stay true to about the same price you’d pay at a salon for an updo and makeup, and for the added convenience of not having to leave your home I 100% think it’d be worth it. Not for just getting ready to go party with friends but for a special event? Definitely.