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Local Lips is a online and IRL series dedicated to highlighting women in the DMV, affecting change and impacting their communities. We are excited to be partnering with Becky Waddell of Take Care Shop to create live events based off of her original blog. Our first Local Lips event is tonight (it’s sold out, but sign up for the BYT newsletter to not miss any future event updates!) and we’re delighted to share an interview with one of our panelists this evening, Chelsea Williams.
Chelsea is the plant-based wellness and lifestyle blogger, behind ThatsChelsea.com.  Her work has been featured TV One, ESSENCE, ABC 7 News and more. Chelsea also leads a series of wellness events in D.C., called Live Sacred DC.

Tell us about yourself! Who are you and how are you engaging with the community?

I am a digital communications strategist, plant-based foodie and green beauty enthusiast. I founded ThatsChelsea.com, an “all things wellness” blog that teaches women how to live a more mindful lifestyle through a plant-based diet and non-toxic cosmetics. I have dealt with the challenges of both Graves Disease and Hypothyroidism throughout most of my life. After many years of struggling with these endocrine disorders, I began researching ways to heal myself and improve my condition naturally. It was then that I discovered just how many endocrine disruptors one can be exposed to on a daily basis through food products, household cleaning products and personal care products.

As an advocate for diversity in non-toxic beauty and plant-based nutrition, I am a contributing writer to W.E.L.L. Insiders and a member of Beauty Heroes Circle of Trust. Recently, I was named by Thoughtfully Magazine as 1 of “26 Women of Color Changing the Face of Wellness.”

I hold a Master of Public Health in nutrition, and am a Certified Communicator in Public Health through the National Public Health Information Coalition. I am also studying to become a board certified integrative health coach at Duke University School of Medicine.

 What inspires you about D.C.? How has your location shaped your work? 

D.C. has such a great sense of community, which I love! With D.C.’s constant growth and ever-changing climate, there is an even greater need for health and wellness related events, particularly in the areas of green beauty, plant-based nutrition and mindful, natural living. I have reshaped my work to host more live community events to develop more impactful relationships with local residents that can expand beyond my digital platform.

What does taking care of yourself look like for you? What’s your favorite way to unwind? 

Taking care of myself looks like many things. It’s choosing to stop overthinking so I don’t silence my inner voice and steal my own joy. It’s consistently eating nutritious meals so I can properly fuel my body during the busiest of days and feel my best self. It’s also saying, “no” to anything that is too much for me to handle in the present moment without feeling guilty. Taking care of myself gives me more room to walk in my purpose, which allows me to be of better service to others.

 What color did you select for your lips and why? What’s your typical color and how does wearing lip color impact your style/day/vibes/etc?

I chose Gressa’s Lip Boost in “Belia”. I am typically drawn to neutral, classic shades that I can wear every day. However, I do love a pop of orange every now and then. I would classify my style as bohemian chic, and I these shades align with my vibe.

Photo: Leah Beilhart