‘Liz & Dick’: Not Everyone Hated It
Megan Burns | Nov 26, 2012 | 12:45PM |

So I noticed this morning that the internet was flooded with general disdain for Lindsay Lohan’s performance in Lifetime’s Liz & Dick, which premiered last night. Normally I’d be all for a good soul-crushing internet-bullying session, but for whatever reason, my brain was like, “EFF THAT, YOU GUYS.” Maybe it was because I saw this video yesterday afternoon:

Whatever the case, I was like, “There have got to be people in support of this movie,” and so I sought them out on Twitter. Sure enough, SO MANY PEOPLE WERE FEELING IT, contrary to Dalton O’Dell:

Umm, okay, “Dalton,” if that is your “real” name; here are like three thousand people who said it, starting with Stephanie Damian, who was hella surprised by the quality of the work:

And now for some more Liz & Dick fans:

Did you see that? Douglas Sleighter LOVED IT. Loved it. And here’s Alyssa Wiggins, who got a little emotional or whatever:

(PS, Alyssa Wiggins: what is “merps?”) Nuck Jonad (?) thought Lindsay’s performance was so good that she ventures to use the term “magnif” to describe it:

Or in layman’s terms:

You hear that?! IT WAS A GOOD ASS MOVIE. SUCH a good ass movie, in fact, that Kevin G ventured to say Lindsay was “fucking amazing in it.”:

AND such a good ass movie that it had @lushhh_ all crying and shit!

Like SO GOOD that Gisselle Martinez watched it twice in a row!

Then of course we have this One Direction fan, who, while admitting the movie was good, did not think it was GREAT:

Well you know what, Monica? Here are an eff ton of people who disagree, including this guy:

So not only did Wayne Edward think that it was a great “film,” but that it was FANTASTIC. What now, Monica?! So with all of THESE glowing adjectives, why was Twitter abuzz with such negative feelings toward Lindsay Lohan, then?

I don’t know, Eric Daniszewski. I just don’t know. Oh wait, YES I DO, thanks to Carl Winslow! (WHAT UP, FAMILY MATTERS!):

Exactly. Haters be jealous. Bret Easton Ellis confirms when he’s all “HATERS GON’ HATE”:

There were some crusaders out to set the record straight, like @therealest007, for instance:

And then there were also the people who went straight to the hated-on source (aka LiLo) to tell her how effing great she is. For instance, Marta Redmond was wowed by Lindsay’s “emotional depth”:

William C Truesdell was similarly impressed by Lindsay’s craft:

And @tarakaiser1 was SO impressed by the greatness of the movie that she felt it was her duty to tip off One Direction’s Harry Styles. HI HARRY STYLES, DID YOU WATCH LIZ & DICK YET?!

Then @tlanezregeina was like, “YOUR WERE AMAZING!” and Vegas Paparazzi was all, “FOGET THE HATRS!” (And we were all, “YOUR FOGET GRAMMAR.”):

Grammatical errors aside, though, the love for Lohan was very apparent, AND very confident:

You know what @lanadelniall? NO JUDGMENT HERE, ‘CAUSE WE DGAF, EITHER! And neither does Shawn Ryals, who predicts this movie will launch Lindsay into comeback-kid-dom:

And HOLD THE PHONE, because @HeavenShaffer thinks this one might be EMMY WORTHY:

So you see? Lindsay, if you’re reading this (which you are, I’m sure) just ignore the haters and keep doing your thing. And if possible, can your next Lifetime movie be more like Devil in the Flesh? Okay great. And just because I can, here we go again: