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all photos: Jeff Martin

In a bold move to bring their brand away from the computer screens and email blasts and INTO your real life-LIVING SOCIAL has spent the last six months working on renovating the building at 918 F Street NW into a state-of-the-art cooking, drinking, music, art and wellness facility which they are launching this Thursday. So, naturally, when they invited us to check it out, we hopped into our car and cruised right on over.

The space seems to be focusing on food pop-ups and music pretty strongly right now, with Mike Isabella test-driving his new BANDOLERO concept here this weekend and the team behind Birch & Barley being lined up for the next one, plus exclusive, intimate concerts with the likes of OAR (this Sunday) filling up the downstairs split level performance space.

The top two floors of the building are reserved for the Living Social employees (making this officially their 5th office space in DC) and the bottom four + basement will be used for different, curated experiences.

The risk is obvious (and admirable) to anyone who’s run a restaurant or a venue of any kind in this city: sustaining a 365 calendar of events that will appeal to DC’s “always-on-the-look-out-for-something-new” audience will be a challenge but they’re off to a bang up start: Isabella’s 3 day pop-up (priced at $120 at 174 seats a night) sold out in less than eight hours from going on sale. We look forward to see what’s next.

Now, enjoy the snaps:


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