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All words: Ashley G. — All photos: Kevin Carroll

After a long anticipated return, Sigur Ros took the stage for the first time in over four years Sunday and Monday night at the Mann Center in Philadelphia. To a much adoring crowd and completely sold-out outdoor venue holding, the band played almost exclusively older tracks, but started off with the eerie yet beautiful “Ekki múkk” off of their latest album Valtari and continuing with the melodically climactic “Varúð.”  The opening band Perfume Genius from Seattle was a fitting start-up to the nights main event and shouldn’t be missed.


The crowd seemed prepared for a musically reflective evening, bringing blankets to lay on throughout the show at Philly’s newly expanded open-air venue. Sigur Ros seemed a perfect and intentional fit for The Mann’s memorable setting of purple and blue lit trees as well as the walk up to the top of the hill, where you took in a magical view of the stage as well as an equally great view of downtown Philadelphia skyline.


Sigur Ros did an exquisite job, with each note ringing pitch-perfect and Jonsi’s falsetto lead vocals filled with haunting beauty. “Hoppípolla” was a notable favorite as well as “Sæglópur” both of which were on their previous well received record Takk…

I can say with almost certainty that all in attendance will not forget their evening that night at The Mann to quickly and will all look forward to more from Sigur Ros and the progression of their current World Tour.

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